Nellie the Elephant (Donald Trump)

As the GOP  politics in the USA descends to the juvenile level, why not use a well-known children’s song to satirize it? Especially since the Republican Party takes an elephant as its symbol – what could be more appropriate? Lovely image from the Internet


Got to vote, election time again

But where’s the intelligent candidate

And is there one that’s sane?

Who’s this man, coiffed and oh, so vain

With perm-a-tan this daft old man

Has launched his mad campaign


Donald the Affluent’s on the stump

At the Republican circus

There he is, look, trumpety trump

Trump, trump, trump

Donald misogynist has the hump

With women, wops and papists

There he is, look, trumpety trump

Trump, trump, trump


Day by day, it’s clear he has nothing to say

A vacuum, believe me, chum

He just plays golf all day

His toupee is really a give away

He’s thin on top with not a lot

To absorb all that hair spray.

Make him irrelevant, ditch the chump

And send him home from the circus

Bring him back down with a bumpety bump

bump, bump, bump


What a malevolent, hair-brained loon

Don’t vote him into the White House

Vote him down, he’s just a big clown

Down, clown, down.

He says a lot that’s appalling and, by the way,

If you’re black, not white, be prepared to fight

Or he’ll have you locked away

Donald’s irrelevant, just a chump

In a big political circus

And down he’ll fall with a thumpety thump


© Tim Wilcock