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Les Morss is no stranger to music. As well as being an versatile instrumentalist, he sings with the Edinburgh Royal Choral Union, has appeared in several main stage productions for Edinburgh Grand Opera and his well kent features have graced many a Shakespeare at Traquair extravaganza. This double act, designed to play to his strengths as gambolling idiot, was largely his idea. He’s also writes some of the lyrics. So, if you don’t like them, you know who to knobble after the show.

Tim Wilcock is a complete stranger to music, as those of you who have attended previous shows will have noted. He is now a regular soloist with Dis Cordant, a German madrigal group that have inspired him to pen a few ditties for tonight’s show. Impressed by his biting political satire and rapier wit, Creative Scotland have offered funding to send him on a tour – to Greenland or even further if possible. He’s no stranger to the stage though, having recently written two Shakespeare adaptations which were performed to acclaim in late 2013 and he is now adapting some comedy classics for an airing later in 2014 or early 2015.

Annie Patch studied at the Brussels Conservatoire and has sung with the European Choir, Brussels G&S Society, BBC Scottish Singers, Glasgow Grand Opera and many other erudite musical organisations. Quite how she was conned into appearing with the two idiots that headline these concerts remains a mystery, but she brings much needed glamour, class and vocal dexterity to each evening’s entertainment.

Jean Arulanantham has performed for more years than she cares to remember with the Linton Singers, the Carlops Jazz Band and a number of other organisations. As happy on the organ as the piano, she is in high demand as a performer and repetiteuse. She is also an accomplished teacher, although she tells us that she’s been driven to distraction trying to lick two idiots into some sort of shape for these concerts. Can’t think who.

The Band is drawn from the many and varied talents to be found in and around Carlops. Some faces will be familiar to those who know and love the Carlops Jazz Band. Others will have flown in from far and wide to be a part of the occasion.

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