What We Do

What and Who we are:

The Two Moronnies are  Tim Wilcock and Les Morss – a pair of individuals of rare and indeed hard-to-find  talent  – based in the Scottish Borders.  We start with the Saltire, Raise ‘ell, and give you Satire. We’re a genuine multimedia experience: not only can you hear it, you can also see it. Our show is backed by the cutting-edge laser internet technology of a magic lantern show which works on the principal that a single picture is worth a thousand words – we keep the blether to a minimum and let the music and dialogue speak for itself.

When you get a Two Moronnies show it won’t be just the two us.  We’ll have an accompanist – more often than not the wonderful Jean Arulanantham on piano or keyboard. We’ll usually be shown up by our peerless soprano vocalist Annie Patch. And whenever possible we’ll be featuring members of the incomparable Carlops Jazz Band.

What you might hear:

New words to well-known songs:  like “Oh Farage, Farage” “Super Snooper” “Memories” “HSBC!”

Old Favourites:  Laurel and Hardy, Gilbert and Sullivan, Noel Coward, Flanders and Swann

Witty dialogues a la Pete Cook and Dudley Moore, John Bird and John Fortune

A bit of bluegrass, a bit of rock, a bit of Rambling Sid Rumpo, a bit of Fagin

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