Satan’s Chair

A re-working of a brilliant bluegrass number Satan’s Choir (recorded by the Red Clay Ramblers) which we performed in January 2015 in Carlops. It refers to the painful process by which David Cameron was dragged kicking and screaming to take part in the pre-election leaders’ debate. Thanks to Murray Campbell for arranging the vocal harmony
Great Debate
Satan's Chair               Version:  15/4/15

Will there be a great debate, 
will it be death worse than fate?
Must I expose myself to all the media's glare?
Those conditions that I set,
I can't believe they've all been met
Now I must face - that empty chair

Media hacks, get off my back
Can't you hear your PM's humble prayer?
Don't make me join the great debate
I don't want to fill that empty chair

Will there be things I have  to guess, about the  NHS?
Will the Greens ask where I stand on CO2?
Will they demand to see, 
My fracking policy? 
I haven't got a fracking clue

BBC – stay away from me
I'm just a shy PM – it's really so unfair
Must I debate, and stay up late?
Must I go and fill that empty chair?

Will there be a Miliband , there 
Will the questions all be planned?
Will the sound of whining  Cleggs fill the air?
Will the rants of DUPs
Have me falling on my knees
When I fill that empty chair

STV, does this really have to be?
Must I go and walk  into the tiger's lair
 I'll take my chance – and a change of underpants
And I'll go and fill that empty chair

© Les Morss

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