August 1st to 10th 2019:

The Two Moronnies are back at the Fringe with a new programme of political satire, great music, and great guests. This time we are at Sofi’s Southside, 42-44 Buccleuch St EH8 9LP, venue 264 in the Fringe programme. Shows every day from 1st – 10th August, starting at 1:15 pm. […]

Here’s a How-de-Do (RyanAir)


Here’s a how-de-do Need the bloody loo Ryan Air is just so greedy Won’t provide loos for the needy What am I to do? Here’s a how-de-do Here’s a how-de-do


Here’s a pretty mess Ten kilos or less That’s all I can take as luggage Or they’ll charge me excess baggage There is […]

Bad Times Just around the Corner

Bad Times are Just around the Corner as Noel Coward might have written had he still been around They’re nervous in the Netherlands And terribly tense in Ghent They’re afraid in Belgrade That their Euro trade Has suddenly upped and went! They’re scared in Scandinavia And feeling the pain in Spain They’re gutted in […]

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